Nerice Johnson

Nerice Johnson

Nerice Johnson – Photographer
Marketing Specialist

I have been putting up with Mark since I was 16 years old. One smart aleck remark from Mark on a Badminton court in High School PE led to an apology and a relationship that is over 20 years old and stronger than ever. Prior to having children I worked as a Surgical Assistant, but my favorite job has been as a stay at home mom since our children were born.

I started photographing all of Marks listings about 7 years ago just to keep costs down during the recession. I have since fallen in love with photographing real estate. My goal is always to make a home look “real”. I’ve found that over editing turns people off and they feel you are hiding something. I know how to mix shots to help the buyer understand the floor plan and the highlights of a home. Several of the photos that I have taken, of Marks listings have made it in the pages of large magazines and international luxury building materials catalogs. On top of everything that I do, I am also the diligent Johnson Family book keeper and the second set of eyes for every internet marketing piece that goes live.

In my free time I love exploring my new hometown of Gig Harbor with the kids. We look for every park and trail that we can find when they come home from school.


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